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Cenk Uygur is not a happy Turk.

The progressive political commentator ripped into MSNBC recently, and explained the reason for his decision to turn down a small offer made by the network to him.

He explained that network executives had informed him that his approach and style was far too¬†confrontational towards’those in power’, and also advised him to tone it down.

Huffington Post:

Uygur said that, in April, MSNBC president Phil Griffin called him in for a talk. Griffin allegedly told him that “people in Washington” were concerned with his tone on the show.

“‘Outsiders are cool, but we’re the establishment,’” Griffin said, according to Uygur, who said he was also told to book more Republicans on the show. He claimed to have been stunned by the conversation, and said he ignored Griffin’s advice.

Though his ratings increased, Uygur said that, a couple of weeks ago, he was informed that he would not be getting the permanent slot at 6 PM, but was instead offered a smaller contributor role for twice the salary. He said he turned it down because, in his words, he did not want to work at a place “that didn’t want to challenge power.”

For his part, Griffin denied that anyone had ever tried to censor Uygur or control the content of his show. He told the New York Times on Wednesday that he had offered Uygur a weekend show, and that the “people in Washington” he had referred to were not people in the government, but MSNBC producers who said Uygur’s feisty attitude was making it hard for them to book guests. (Uygur is sticking by his version of events.)

Of course, this is a biased view point, but this is my opinion.

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

It just seems that the ‘upper establishment’ whether liberal or conservative, eats from the same plate. Those in power are of one vision.

The whole point of politics, news, and democracy, is to empower yourself in order to challenge the authoritative czars, question the bureaucratic structure, and champion equality.

Does this not infringe on the principles of freedom of expression and speech?

Who am I kidding.This is how it starts people.Censorship, media indoctrination, and mind control.

MSNBC is first a liberal network,advocating a balanced debate, then it will defend a centrist stance, and eventually it will morph into a right wing extension of FOX.

Or my imagination is working overtime!

Uygur was told that he was a concern for the ‘people in Washington.’ Frankly that sounds like a threat to me! It sounds like a sinister political thriller plot in a c-list film. Will he be taken out next? I wonder.

Cenk has a distinct style of delivering his take on current affairs, and it looks like the network wants to create a generic batch of old fogies.

To make matters even more interesting, Al Sharpton has been hired to fill in the slot, on the MSNBC network.

This is what I do not understand.

If Uygur is a liability due to his direct vocal manner, then what does that make Al Sharpton, a colourful character who has garnered notoriety for his many controversial political views as a civil rights campaigner.

I really do not get the MSNBC mentality.

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